They all sobbed, knowing this is what it had to come to. Luke nodded his head. He place his hand closer to the button, until eventually the screen goes black, and an explosion is heard.

The End.

Though what does it mean? This page is here to provide a couple of explanations, or theories if you will.

Explanation 1 - Explosion and AfterlifeEdit

This theory states that there was a large explosion on Cadav which killed everyone, including Luke, Indigo, and Ice. It then says that they go to a shared afterlife, called "Palekaiko", where they would all take on what they truly wanted to be in there life, though with no reccolection of their life when they were alive. Ice would become Marley, a casual roamer. He never liked his rulership responsibility, and dreamed that he would be able to see the world and all of its wonders, which is why he became a roamer. Indigo would become Teal, the laid back Sheriff, because he would still like to maintain his defense job however to a much smaller scale, so that he could be more peaceful. Luke became Laiku, the casual islander. Luke always dreamed of living on islands forever, and so he became the casual islander, rather than the techy.

Explanation 2 - Explosion and ReversalEdit

The theory states that Cadav exploded into a million tiny peices, killing everyone, including the gang. Though it miraculously recreates itself, with only Ice, Indigo, and Luke coming back, to an empty Kraffen. Though further a long they would get explained what happened, and how it happened, by interception of ENDR. This explains the videogame Craftendo Faded, and the events that take place in it.

Explanation 3 - Explosion and TakeoverEdit

The Cadav still explodes, however, the original gang (Ice, Indigo, Luke) don't die, and take over T!ME, renaming it ORA. Ice gets power hungry owning all of time and space, and it eventually leads him to killing Indigo, after he did something not pleasing to Ice. Luke fled successfully to another land, known as "Arc". Ice spends his life trying to find Luke, whom he knows is hiding on the planet. Ice becomes ENDR, essentially. This explains the events of the tv show Arc.

Explanation 4 - Continental SplitEdit

The explosion was simply the continents on Cadav shifting, and the button executed the wrong command. They all get confused, and head down to Cadav to see whats happening. None is known beyond that, besides Luke going to palekaiko and possibly discovering "Arc".