OASIS was a large blackmarket created by ClassyPanda. OASIS sold drugs, illegal weapons, armor, and spam kill machines, and were considered a huge threat. Currently, OASIS is shut down, and will not come back, according to Ice (former member of OASIS). Canonically in the timeline, it was owned by the 'Royal Family'.


OASIS was created by ClassyPanda, with the help of his 2 friends TheSilverNeo and LegendaryIce. Together they created a very well hidden base, and planned on opening lots of hidden locations. However, only a few days after the creation of OASIS, it was shut down, and all of the blame was put on LegendaryIce, and ended up owning the company all by himself, due to the two other members leaving. He renamed himself to LydiaPrower (a quiet fantendo user), and went undercover for several months. He ended up begging IndigoFusionbolt to give him an apartment for him to hide in to scheme, and ended up working at SIREN (Indigo's company). The last thing he did that was chaotic, was a nuke which wasn't even aimed correctly so, ended up being anti-climatic. SIREN then bought OASIS, which shut down OASIS for good.