ST0RM is the government that keeps things in line on Craftendo.


ST0RM was established June 15, after the realization that nobody was in control, which could've lead to very bad things. LegendaryIce is the owner of it, due to him being the owner of the server. ST0RM has created a currency system on June 27th, so people may exchange currency when wanted/needed. However this was destroyed, after a group of protesters found the ST0RM base, which lead to a lot of havoc. ST0RM has created several bases since.


Recently the users moochfloatjr and AmbrosiaLove have been rebelling against ST0RM, saying that their promises of a safe, secure government simply aren't true. They were also the ones who found the ST0RM base, and are trying to find the new ST0RM base, which has been unsucessful.

It's also been rumored that ST0RM has weather control machines, which people find corrupt and controlling.