T!ME is the government of time, and is the essential owner of everything. Their job is to find all of the worst time abusers, and arrest them to put them into a time-bound prison. T!ME's office is in space, floating around. T!ME is one of three of the universal federations. They often use giant purple mechanical hands to monitor people and planets, and those are their versions of cop cars. ENDR is the owner of T!ME, however his exact identity is unknown.


On August 3rd, 3103, ENDR, created T!ME from scratch. He wanted to make a system that monitors all of time, and monitoring all who abuse Time Travel, or mess with time in a way that is not intended. Endr gathered the most skilled individuals in all of the universe. Albert Einstein is one of the most notable employees he has hired, and it is unknown how they even managed to get in contact, but they did, somehow. Endr eventually got in contact with the Universal Federations, finishing the trinity of the Universal Federations.