The Royal Family of Craftendo is the rulers of Craftendo itself. Nobody knows much about the bloodline, except for the current generation in the royal family.


  • King Classius Panduhm Cordonnier Eggerton

Little is known about Classius, other than he created OASIS, and also rules over Craftendo. He was good friends with Indigo and Luke's parents, but the relationship they had isn't known very well, except for they all fought in the Great Craftendo War. Classius died at age 83 from natural causes. (old age)

  • Queen Ashlee Erick Hugs Eggerton 

Almost nothing is known about Ashlee, except she's the wife of Classius.

  • Fallen Arctica Endur Legend Eggerton

Arctic was a very quiet child, and the first person to die in the Eggerton chain before 20. Except, there's one thing, he isn't dead. He was presumed dead, after getting engulfed by a giant hand that came out of the sky, but they didn't know what his true intention was. He ended up becoming the owner of the government of time, T!ME. He also changed his name to Ender, based off of his middle name, and also shut down OASIS, the royal family's secret blackmarket.

  • Missing Griffin Trevor Kinsinger Eggerton

Griffin is an identical twin to Icing, and has been missing for 10 years from his family. He ran away to save the world when he was 16 year old, to create an indestructable bunker in case of disaster, and has spent his whole life building it. He was re-united with his twin at age 26, and have never left eachother since.

  • Prince Icing Jonathan Wray Eggerton

At birth, Icing was identical twins with Griffin. He was the only one of his siblings who hadn't ran away or something, so the ownership of the Craftendo kingdom was in his hands, since he was the last remaining Eggerton child. He has involved his life in crime alongside his parents, and has done things like: sold drugs, nuked Craftendo, and more. He is not a conventional prince, but he's their only hope, so, they have no other choice.