This page is for Craftendo's version of Zen Inc. You may be looking for Fantendo's version.


Zen Studios, previously called Zen Inc. is a company whose actual CEO is Santumerino. This company dedicated to making things such as consoles and smartphones, but currently is changing a focus. It's unknown what will they produce next.



Not much is known about Zen Studios.

The only thing that is known is that it begun as Zen Technological Inventions in 2095 and it was dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of computers for the government, and that around 2116 an important event happened that forced the company to switch to making things for the average consumer such as consoles and the like. But rumors say that they might still have control of these computers.

Recently, some weird machines have been found that seen to "drain" the life around them. They were traced to the company but no action has been taken against them yet. It also recently stared to make stone structures around it.

2016-08-05 19.34.30

The very next day, works for a new office begun, and the building started to take shape.

For this reason, the old headquarters were going to be demolished, but the controlled explosion went wrong and a really big explosion happened that severely damaged everything around it.

The CEO apologized and helped in the reconstruction of the damaged areas. It's unknown what caused such a big explosion to take place, but some say it is related to the pressure in the headquarters because it was so deep underground.

2016-08-07 13.06.53

For unknown reasons, there has been low production from the company. When the CEO was asked, he answered saying that they were taking a whole new focus with the company, including severe branding changes. The name of the company is currently unknown, but the CEO said "It will be a combination between the letter Z and a word. For now, it can be called Z". It then became Zen Studios.

2016-08-12 14.46.08

Recently a YourCylinder user named "phillaaug3" used a program called CrNdo to retrieve a file from the Zen Studios servers called "Data.CONF" which was a list of things that they will do in the future. One of them is "Proceed with T.O.T.W.". Soon after he recieved a trojan called "Win32.Trojan.Zen" that deleted his MBR, not letting him boot to his computer.

Phillaaug3 The truth

Phillaaug3 The truth.